Home to the Shaw Studios headquarters, this structure is 5 levels of office space.


  • For buses and 400 cars, on several levels



  • Multiple food service, catering and café areas

Incubation Centre

Inspired by and a continuation of the legacy of Mr and Mrs Shaw of giving back to the community, Shaw Studios is dedicated to education and training of young film and content makers in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.


The newly-formed centre now supports young Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area film and content creators recognized for their talent and dedication by such organizations as Hong Kong Government’s Create Hong Kong and the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers. The centre comprises fifteen thousand square feet of lounge areas and meeting rooms, pantry, private offices and picture and sound suites. Already home to several teams of first-time feature film directors and 24 film students, plans are being developed to significantly expand the program and floor area.