With a history spanning over 70 years, Shaw Studios has been a global leader in the production of Chinese-language theatrical and television content. Home of over one thousand feature films (many of which are now considered classics of Chinese cinema) and thousands of hours of television programming, Shaw Studios, one of the largest and most advanced film facilities in Greater China, is primed for the demands of today’s diverse, global production community.




Shaw Studios is the crowning achievement in the celebrated lives of its late founders Mr and Mrs Run Run Shaw, legendary film and television pioneers and venerated philanthropists. 


For seven decades, the endowments of Mr and Mrs Shaw have put them among the most generous benefactors of academic and healthcare institutions in greater China, Southeast Asia and even as far as North America and Europe. Their commitment to film, media, the arts, education and healthcare now live on through the work of Shaw Studios, the Shaw Foundation and the Shaw Prize

Mr and Mrs Shaw



Shaw Studios began moving in phases from its historical location in Clearwater Bay to Tseung Kwan O and now comprises one million square feet of built space spread over 10 acres, all connected via robust 10-gigabit fibre-optic backbone.


New construction commenced in 2000 and operations began in 2005. This year sees the studio facilities commence a major upgrade cycle to keep pace with ever-increasing demands of the global digital production era.

The studio's service in-house film productions and co-productions, as well as feature and television projects from greater China and overseas, and increasingly streaming and social media content production in all its forms from all over the world.

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In order to support the wide range of production needs in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, Hollywood and the world, Shaw Studios is adopting a two-prong approach.

At the grassroots level, Shaw Studios is committed to supporting and nurturing young filmmakers by offering facilities and mentorship gratis, or at deeply subsidized levels. It has started programs with Hong Kong government-supported film bodies such as Create Hong Kong and the city’s largest film association, the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers. 

From the 1970s to 1990s, through the work and visibility of such icons as Mr Run Run Shaw and Shaw Brothers, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, John Woo, Maggie Cheung and innumerable others, Hong Kong ranked as one of the world’s top three exporters of film.

Headwinds soon arrived in the form of escalating production costs, rampant piracy, and uncertainties and challenges fitting into a massively growing mainland Chinese market. Despite these, creative talent in film and media continues to thrive in Hong Kong. Shaw Studios is committed to doing its part to help the industry revive and evolve into the new global content production in all its forms.

Besides supporting grassroots programs, Shaw Studios is actively reinforcing its technical skills and services through partnerships with the region’s best film service companies.

Pre-eminent post production facility in the Australian region providing innovative state of the art technology, equipment and workflows in addition to world-class service and support. Spectrum Films is a hub for storytellers to collaborate and achieve their creative vision.

Shaw Studios and Spectrum Films form an integrated production and post-production one-stop service centre, providing the entire range of content services to the international production community: large production stages and support facilities, dozens of picture and audio editing suites, mix rooms, screening theatres, visual effects, animation.


Nurturing Young

Hong Kong Filmmakers

In our commitment to support the Hong Kong Greater Bay Area film community, as of summer 2019, Shaw Studios has opened up facilities to different groups of young film and content makers, with the intention to expand these programs over the next few years.

Shaw Studios is proud to work with CreateHK (part of the Hong Kong Government’s Commerce and Economic Development Bureau) in their First Feature Film Initiative by providing, gratis, production office space, post-production suites, equipment and mentoring programs to producer-director teams who have been selected by the initiative.

Shaw Studios is also providing, gratis, post-production suites and facilities to the professional training programs (multi-disciplinary including editing, VFX, camera, acting, audio) conducted by the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers. So far this year, 24 students are going through the program. Proven highly successful, the program will be further expanded in 2020. 


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